Healing takes place on many levels:

- placing one's hands on someone who is suffering
- sending energy over long distances to someone who has an illness
- sending energy to an organisation, community, country
- sending energy to the Mother Earth herself
- sending energy further outwards, into the cosmos

Everyone has within them the potential to send healing. By petition to the Absolute/God/the Universal Life Force to send energy through you as a channel to the recipient, great good can be done.

The more open a channel you become, the more potent the healing energy becomes. A healer can heal all illnesses but not necessarily all people. The more people that come together with good intent the greater the results can be.


Everyone has the potential to send healing to the
forests or any tree on the surface of our planet.

We can send healing energy to parts of our planet,
tsunamis, earthquakes etc.

Ask - Let the power flow through you and heal.

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