When visiting ancient sites such as
- stone circles
- old churches
- standing stones
- ancient wells
one comes to realise that these were not placed there by chance.
There seems to be an ancient knowledge that is slowly being rediscovered.

Often medieval edifices such as cathedrals were built on former holy sites. Sometimes the architecture has been used to enhance the inherent natural earth energy. It would seem that many medieval church builders were in tune with these systems and often the position of the high altar, for instance, would be the very place where several ley lines cross.

Spiritual practices can be enhanced by using these sites. However, caution should be used, not least in respecting and honouring other people who may be visiting these ancient sites and their belief systems.

Going to these places can help one travel through time and touch other realms of experience. These ancient places are to be enjoyed, rejoiced in and activated positively. The keys are accessible to all those who expend a little energy.

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