Nature Spirits, Devas and fairies vary so much in size, shape, appearance and power. They range from the tiny fairies who tend the smallest flowers, to the little people of the forests, to the devas of huge trees, to the great and mighty devas of the mountains, the oceans and the winds.

We can occasionally connect with them.
As we enter a beautiful, peaceful site that feels harmonious - be it a forest, garden or woods it is both wise and well-mannered to stop and request their permission to enter; to come into their 'zone'.
This connection can be done firstly by
- acknowledging their existence
- then requesting their permission to enter - through thoughts or prayer
- then it is wise to enter with a mindset of reverence to the Devic realms
- to walk quietly
If you are in a group then go separately and join each other later.
- Allow
- Believe
- Be humble
- Perhaps stand among flowers, by an interesting rock, a magnificent tree - you will know
- Be still - quiet - expect nothing
- Be grateful for whatever may come

Send your love and gratitude to these beings who work tirelessly manipulating the energy that is available to them.

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