Labyrinths are unicursal pathways to knowledge and wisdom.
A labyrinth has a single path to the centre and back that is designed to be simple to navigate. It is in fact, a right-brained spiritual journey. A labyrinth is not a maze which is a left-brained intellectual problem.

Labyrinths have been found on every continent, and in many cultures. Various shapes for labyrinths are to be found in many French cathedrals.

The Templars brought labyrinths into Cathedrals in France as a safe alternative for pilgrims to walk instead of the journey to the Holy land which had become very dangerous. By walking the labyrinth people were thereby empowered and were able to gain a connection with their God without the need for a priest to be an intermediary. 

A labyrinth can walked in many ways: in silence and with reverence, dancing, skipping, chanting, singing .....

- Before one enters the labyrinth, stop and prepare yourself mentally
- Walk slowly to the centre of the labyrinth
- Stay in the centre in silence - allow healing, inspiration & upliftment to flow
- When ready, walk out again slowly
- Say a prayer of gratitude as you leave the magical shape.

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