Crop circles can be found worldwide from the wheat fields of Wiltshire to the canopies of Amazonian jungles, and many other places besides.

There has been much controversy throughout the media about the makers of these amazing structures. There is no doubt that there is a small cottage industry of man-made shapes; however, there are simply thousands and thousands that have been created by higher forces. These can be easily recognised, as the stem of the grain is not broken and will continue to grow.

Many of these patterns are highly complicated and on occasion introduce geometry that is new to our world.

The huge variety of designs and geometric patterns have very different effects from site to site and affect visitors to these places in diverse ways.

The vibrations of newly formed circles can at times be so high as to make people feel nauseous.

Generally crop circles bring healing and a feeling of well-being and wonder to the pilgrim. Summer is crop circle season.

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