Take it to the next level. Move from theory to practice and experience other realms of being.
These practices are all very safe, designed for people living in the 21st century - however, some of these techniques date back many thousands of years and have been used by yogis of old.

We incorporate:


The practice of attracting the universal life force towards you, in order to direct this to yourself, others, organisations, countries - even the world - to heal, uplift, inspire.

Deep Breathing or Prana Yama
A system of energising the body, giving better health, improving concentration. Done correctly, Prana Yama will take the practitioner into the deeper mystic states.

A system of hand signs to make your practices more powerful and focused.

A sound system, generally in Sanskrit, to protect, inspire, uplift and radiate power for the benefit of yourself and others.

A process of internal repetition, to reprogram the body and mind.

A  way of enhancing thought to bring about beneficial and positive growth in your life.

Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation
A few key techniques to still the mind and gain control of the basic self and connect with Higher Self within us all, which will lead to deeper understanding of both the inner and outer worlds.

Mystic Practices
A series of powerful practices to help cope with the stresses and strains of modern living.

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