Sacred wells are to be found throughout the British Isles, Europe and the World.  There are literally thousands of wells to be found in the UK. The Lake District has an abundance of them. Holy wells have been visited by pilgrims over the centuries to seek solace or healing or to connect with nature. 

Wells and healing springs are to be found at feminine, goddess sites. Each has its own signature shape, vibration and guardian. They are wonderful places to enhance your intuitive, psychic nature, flowing from the feminine, life-giving waters that provide the source of nourishment. Be this healing, divination, inspiration or wisdom.

Many wells are places of healing and the waters are used in various ways to bring about healing of mind, body and spirit.

Well dressing, an honouring of the spirit of the well, is still carried out in parts of the United Kingdom.

In ancient times most wells were named in honour of goddesses but after the advent of Christianity many of these sacred places were renamed after Celtic saints.

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