A Weekend Retreat in the English Lake District

Many friends came and joined us on a mystical Weekend Retreat in the beautiful English Lake District this Easter.
Our focus this weekend was on exploring the Fairy, Devic and other realms.
We investigated the history, traditional folklore, beliefs in regard to the fairy kingdoms and nature realms.
During this retreat we explored auras, employing various methods to develop the ability to see, feel and measure auras.
We used various spiritual practices such as mudra, mantra, prayer, yogic breathing and affirmation to improve our sensitivity and this enabled us to tune in.
Using both Radionic Pendulums and Dowsing Rods we engaged with stone circles, ancient sites and energy lines.
The highlight of this weekend was when we ventured along a much-trod ancient lakeland fairy-road through a mystical woodland to an amazingly interactive devic site.

Everyone is welcome to join this fascinating and unusual retreat - whether you have walked your spiritual path for many years or feel ready to start. Contact us on 020 8870 0071 or mysticaljourneys4u2@gmail.com