Space clearing is a practice found in almost every traditional or native culture. It is the skill of changing the atmosphere in the home from one of stagnant energy flow to one of vibrant, health promoting and spiritually enhancing energy flow. Space clearing before moving in to a new home was considered a vital part of any move in traditional cultures and is still practised in some form today throughout the world.Buildings are usually constructed with a specific purpose, conceived in the mind of the architect, and when that changes, - e.g. from being a family home to being divided into apartments, problems may begin to arise. These can manifest either as illnesses in the people living or working in that building or as other problems with electrical faults or flooding for the building itself.
An holistic approach to curing Geopathic Stress
Geopathic Stress (harmful earth rays) result from distortions in the earth's natural field, which causes radiation to rise up through fault lines, spirals, caves and subterranean water to create problems for humans, animals and buildings.
Geopathic Stress affects everyone This natural radiation affects your aura and the natural rhythm and balance of your body, weakening your immune system and thus reducing your ability to fight off disease.
Many day to day ailments can be put down to the effects of geopathic stress in the home or workplace and can easily be solved.
Using various methods - e.g. dowsing, crystals, prayer - we have been able to establish the appropriate actions to take to refocus the influence of electromagnetic fields, ley lines and black water within, under or around buildings. The afflicted residents or business people soon returned to vibrant health, both emotionally and physically.
You are welcome to contact Mervyn and Joy on 020 88700071 or mysticaljourneys4u2@gmail.com if you feel that you, your family, pet, home or business is in need of assistance with space clearing.