FAERIES, DEVAS & NATURE SPIRITS                            SEPTEMBER 9 TO 12 2016 

Now that MYSTICAL FAERY FOLK by Joy Lynette Smith is published in 15 languages, a retreat is to be held at Churn Barn, Chinley in September 2016 where we can visit some of the magical places like those featured in her book.

Where better than the Peak District, a place which has inspired so many to investigate Faeries, Devas & Nature Spirits and some of the mysteries surrounding them? We will investigate the history, traditional folklore and beliefs in regard to the fairy kingdoms and nature realms. We'll explore auras which can aid our connections with the Faery Folk. Then we'll investigate crystals to determine which can enhance our ability to connect with the Nature Realms, then spend time quietly by an ancient, mystical and devic swallet not too far from Chinley.

During this numinous weekend we will visit and connect with healing wells and springs and a truly magical stone circle surrounded by forest.

All with open hearts and minds are welcome to join us on this fascinating and unusual retreat - whether you have walked your spiritual path for many years or feel ready to start. A magical adventure awaits you!  

We are delighted to say that the response to the Faeries, Devas & Nature Spirits Retreat has been wonderful! So please dive in and book your place on 020 8870 0071 or mysticaljourneys4u2@gmail.com   

This Retreat is to be held at Churn Barn, Chinley in the High Peak District. The perfect venue for spiritual nourishment! Shared, double and/or single accommodation is available. September 9 from 4.00 p.m. to September 12 2.00 p.m. See online shop for booking and payment details.

Only 10 places are available so please book early.